Range Riders

Range Riders:

A name synonymous to Cowboy Music.

For decades Range Riders have been performing across the U.S., bringing their unique family-style music and humor to audiences of all ages. 

Range Riders have been around almost as long as there has been a range. The musical group Range Riders emerged from the Western Music and Singing Cowboy era of the early 1930’s. The original Range Riders’ music was more Western Swing and not so much the traditional Western sound. 

Roland Fraser who passed away December 9, 2015 retired from the re-formed group in 2011. He sang originally with an earlier version of this group in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s. 

It wasn‘t until August 18, 1981 when the Range Riders punched out a blend of Western harmony coupled with a Country music band, that their sound began to emerge. From Gospel music, to the Son’s of the Pioneers, to top 40 Country music and everything in between, they were widely received. This sound quickly became known as Cowboy Music. “Not totally Western and not quite Country, just as nice blend of everything that goes good together, like a good Cowboy stew cooked over an open fire,” says Jesse Hanna, (musician and lead singer). “You’re not quite sure what’s in there, and you don’t want to know, but it sure tastes good” replies David Hanna, (brother, singer and drummer).

The early years found them playing their music at any venue that would invite them. But, as the miles passed beneath the old tour bus and the years began to go, they found themselves doing TV and radio shows, fairs and large concert venues, some seating thousands.

Members of Range Riders have shared the stage with many top name performers including Country Star, David Frizzell, Roy Clark, Steel Guitarist Al Petty, James Blackwood and the Blackwood Brothers, Max Crook, (CO-writer of the 1960's Del Shannon hit Runaway), Vern Jackson and a host of celebrity entertainment from across the nation and around the world. 

Their family ties and Gospel music roots keep them focused on “Family Entertainment.” The group recognizes the growing need for venues and events that can captivate the entire family, from the youngest to the oldest.

Convinced that family entertainment is ripe for the Palm Springs area, Range Riders along with Sound Barn Music Productions and other interested investors, are taking a serious look at this desert area as the next “Family-entertainment” hot spot.

The Range Riders, are now the featured artists in Silver West Entertainment’s Cowboy Dinner Theater (in the palm Springs area). They are well known for their unique blend of Country / Gospel music and have enjoyed much success and their recordings are heard in Europe as well as throughout the United States. 

For more information go to: http://www.RangeRiders.com or http://www.CowboyDinners.com